Cleopatra’s Bath & Rose Express Glow

Cleopatra’s Bath


Rose Express Glow







Cleopatra’s treatment is an iconic experience, drawing inspiration from the ancient queen of Egypt, encompassing foam massage, body and facial treatments. Beginning with a nourishing foam massage using donkey milk and honey, it deeply hydrates the body, followed by a honey face mask enhancing natural skin radiance. A body scrub then exfoliates, leaving skin soft and smooth. Concluding in a private cabin, a lavender-scented cream ensures rich hydration reminiscent of Cleopatra’s regimen. Indulge in luxurious fragrances while our therapists enhance your skin’s natural beauty, leaving it refreshed, hydrated, and vibrant. Restore radiance with our facial treatment, Rose Express Glow, leveraging powerful herbs and Jurlique rose for immediate results, leaving skin radiant and deeply hydrated, offering a sensory journey to the pure Jurlique roses. Our treatment includes gentle makeup removal, Activating Water Essence application for maximum nourishment, deep moisturizing mask, firming serum, regenerating eye cream, and moisturizing face cream, all using Jurlique’s organic and biodynamic products.


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage is an intense and deeply therapeutic manual massage that immediately offers a particularly soothing feeling of complete rejuvenation and well-being.

Duration: 60’

Price: 65€

Black Hammam

With this specially designed treatment, you will enjoy a wonderful sense of purification and rejuvenation both in your body and spirit.

Duration: 50’
Price: 80€

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage is an extremely enjoyable and rejuvenating experience, ideal for the treatment of muscle fatigue and physical exhaustion.

Duration: 60’

Price:  60€  50€