Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage







Thai Oil Massage treatment is a customized experience that combines Thai Massage’s techniques with the feeling of a classic relaxing massage. Suitable both for those seeking the stretching of the arms and legs that Thai Massage offers, and for those seeking the ultimate sense of well-being with the standard warm herbal oil massage movements. We elevate your experience with a FREE head and facial massage, offering total body relaxation and strengthening.
This experience positively affects the body, offering rejuvenation, relaxation and pain reduction. Through the application of supine and prone techniques to the entire body and face, stress is removed. The goal of Thai Oil Massage is to maintain and improve health through the harmonious balance of body and mind.

+ FREE Facial & head massage


Imperial Hammam

Indulge yourself in the delightful rituals that can awaken all five senses, in an unexpected grooming experience by our experienced therapists.

Duration: 45’

Price:  65€  50€

Black Hammam

With this specially designed treatment, you will enjoy a wonderful sense of purification and rejuvenation both in your body and spirit.

Duration: 50’
Price: 80€

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage is an extremely enjoyable and rejuvenating experience, ideal for the treatment of muscle fatigue and physical exhaustion.
Duration: 60’

Price:  60€  50€